Nigel is such a talent; personable, informative, knowledgeable and simply the best in the world for positive guidance and spa development.  I adore his down to earth approach, and he has a magical ability to mentor and guide Spa therapists, giving them confidence and helping them and the spa reach full potential.  There is no doubt spas and therapists feel the incredible impact Nigel has. If you want to transform your spa and your guest experience, then you need to invite Nigel.  He is a true visionary in this industry

Megan Larsen - Founder Sodashi

A spa in itself is a whisper of sorts, an intimate setting that is meant to convince people to be vulnerable for the sake of rejuvenation. To be a whisperer of such whisperers is to be someone who understands people, someone who knows what it would take to earn trust more than anything else.
Having traveled the world, imbibing numerous cultures in the process, Nigel Franklyn, the man dubbed “The Spa Whisperer” has mastered that unusually subtle art. He has put it to good use over the years, and because of this, some of the world’s most renowned spa operators have come to him, ears ready to catch the whisperer that has earned him their trust
— Asia Spa Magazine

Nigel assisted in previous Four Seasons spas I directed when we launched new skin care and PR initiatives. I thought he would come and do some basic retail training - at least I thought that’s all he would do - but he gave so, so much more. His passion for Spa, for the “art of therapy” as he calls it, for experience, for excellence, and for life is easily transmitted to create a passionate and connected team, and truly emotionally driven guest experiences. The incredible results where there since day one. His approach is personalized and caters to your Spa needs based on current trends and market demands. I highly recommend welcoming him if you want to see your spa transformed.
— Vivianna Quesada - Senior Spa Director - Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica
For the past 10 years, I have worked with The Spa Whisperer in my capacity as Regional Director of Spa for the Four Seasons Paris and Seychelles. In that time, The Spa Whisperer has also worked with several other Four Seasons properties across Europe and Middle East like Lisbon, Florence, Maldives, London and Dubai. The 2-3 weeks he was in the spa were incredibly beneficial. Nigel’s visits were always special and had a very positive impact on the spa’s energy in general. His work helped to transform the spa’s guest experience which naturally lead to the increase in sales. His work with therapists, receptionist and the rest of the team helped grow their confidence and transform the entire team.
— Verena Lasvigne-Fox - Director of Spa - Four Seasons Philadelphia
Over the years, I have witnessed many occasions when Nigel Franklyn has transformed an indifferent Spa into a place of magic. He is easily the best in the business.