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Nigel Franklyn is The Spa Whisperer: a unique visionary and veteran of the global luxury spa industry.


Nigel Franklyn has worked with the world's most exclusive spas and hotels


Nigel Franklyn is The Spa Whisperer: a unique visionary and veteran of the global luxury spa industry. Nigel’s incredible set of personal, business and design development skills bring a fresh approach to spa experiences, operations and visions, while quickly evaluating and effortlessly implementing the under developed, undeveloped and unseen possibilities.

Passionate about seeing spas and therapists reach their optimal potential, The Spa Whisperer’s holistic approach to spa development and design consistently carries revenue and guest experiences beyond global standards, while creating and implementing an environment and culture needed for sustainable growth.

Nigel has worked on both luxury spa, and luxury medical spa projects. More recently heading the redevelopment of the Medical Wellness and Medical Aesthetics Centers at Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland where he created a balance of result focused, high technology treatments with holistic international healing therapies. Fluidly incorporating all facets of increasing global demands for both aesthetic results and emotional experiences, Nigel is reenergizing and redefining holistic practices by creating luxury “result retreats”: spaces that are able to harness the benefits and advancements of science in an environment of mindfulness and wellbeing.

Nigel’s approach to internal spa development and coaching teaches the fundamental art and ethos of therapy. He injects the entire team with enthusiasm, not just about products and treatments, but about what drives them daily in the spa – in their life – in their journey as therapists. Nigel’s belief that everyone in the spa is a therapist ensures that no person in the team, no matter what their role, will feel left out, unappreciated or underutilized. This is a unifying, galvanizing and exciting process that connects and inspires the spa team who will, in turn, connect and inspire their guests.


A good consultant knows spa. A great consultant understands spa. 


Nigel Franklyn has consulted for the global luxury spa development industry for 15 years. He has a unique and multifaceted understanding and knowledge of spa design, management, spa development, therapist development and clientele. Nigel’s outstanding global portfolio of luxury destination spas and resorts boasts Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland, Four Seasons (including Four Seasons, George V, Paris) and Aman Resorts (globally) as well as several other luxury destinations around the world. This portfolio has created a name in the luxury spa industry that is associated with innovation and maximization of all components of the spa arena to increase profitability and experience.


In my heart I have a vision of what a perfect spa experience should be, and that changes physically and energetically for every spa.


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"Nigel is such a talent; personable, informative, knowledgable and simply the best in the world for positive guidance and development"


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