The Spa Whisperer talks to Yahoo Travel about crafting his own dream travel job

People often dream of leaving it all behind and finding a job in the travel industry. At Yahoo Travel we are profiling people who work in all fields of the travel industry—small jobs, big jobs, any jobs. This week we talked to Nigel Franklyn, the Spa Whisperer (it’s a thing!).

Nigel Franklyn wanted to change his life. Making that decision led him on a journey to create his dream job.

We don’t all wake up one day and think: This is what will make me happy. Franklyn did. 

He was working as a journalist and a model in London, New York, and Los Angeles when he attended a conference on spas. Franklyn had always enjoyed spas. Who doesn’t? But he didn’t know too much about them. A chance meeting there landed him a job working with the skincare company Jurlique, helping develop their spas throughout the U.S. 

Five years later, he had an epiphany. He would become a Spa Whisperer.

Luke Davies